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Love Letter

Bandung 17 March 2012

My dear Jesus,
this is for you..
every breath that I take…
every lift of exercises..
every stretches that needs to be done..
my every single step..

Take this as my burnt offering.
I love you so much dear Jesus.
All is nothing compared to what you’ve done for us!
I know you love us so much. You love us first.

If this can be my mortification to celebrate this lenten season,
I want to offer it for the growth of our Kompania Santa Ursula.
Your will be done.

Dear Jesus how happy I am to be granted this opportunity.
Even though at the moment I am too tired to sit,
too tired too write with my pen,
but I can still type these things out.

My mind is clear and alert,
and you gave me so much Joy !
I ask so that I can be faithful to you whatever happens.

You are my Joy indeed nothing in this world can take me away from you.

I am just a spoiled little girl,
full of greed and ambition.
I am so weak and stingy,
but yet You love me and took me out of this swamp!

You allow me to converse with you heart to heart
and call me to become your bride.

Yes dear Jesus, yes.
I enjoy every moment with you in this world.
I am in tears when I realize that I have done nothing for you in return.

Dearest Jesus, this is me here, your little lamb.
I love you so much and I know that you know it.