Our First Sisters


July 3rd, 2016 was a very special day for the Company of Saint Ursula Indonesia. Two of our eldest sisters celebrated their 25th anniversary of consecration. God has planted the seeds, looked after them lovingly and harvested them with overflowing joy. How wonderful it is to contemplate His faithfulness and love!


More than 27 years ago two ladies from different cultural backgrounds crossed their path and became sisters in this journey following the footsteps of Saint Angela Merici. On June 29th 1991, 25 years ago, both of them made their first consecration. Coincidentally the two were born in the same year 1952, named Maria Dolorosa da Silva and Margaretha Siti Asiyah – affectionately called Rosa and Etha


Rosa was a lecturer at the Catholic University of Kupang until the end of her duty. She is a very caring and loving sister. She would often ask how we are doing in the midst of this hectic life, full of challenges. She would then encourage us to remain faithful to our consecrated life. 5th Counsel 1-2.

Now at home in Kupang, East Indonesia, Rosa looks after her nephew and is actively involved in the formation of Merry our candidate. Together with Cresentia they have their monthly meetings in Kupang.


Etha is a very cheerful and warm-hearted person. She used to work in a girl dormitory. One former student told us that Etha was strict in keeping the rules of the house, especially the dorm closing hours. The girls were not happy about it.  On the other hand all the girls felt being loved and cared for by Etha. Her way of loving them is finally understood once they have grown into adults and appreciate the value of discipline.

At present Etha lives in Yogyakarta, Central Java. At home she takes care of her disabled sister Christina and lovingly takes her to church. She is also involved in various activities In the parish, so that it is very difficult to contact her on her landline. She puts her heart in animating some basic christian communities, singing in the choir, organising prayers for the sick or the dead in the neighbourhood.

From the beginning Etha has never been absent in any of our annual conferences, except once when she was hospitalised. In every meeting her big laughter and tricky teasings bring joy to the atmosphere. And yet, she can be very serious when leading our singing practice. Yes, she conducts too.

Silver Anniversary

Silver Anniversary

We thank God for giving us lovely sisters in our journey together towards our common goal: Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Walking insieme hand in hand.

Congratulations on your Silver Anniversary, dear Sisters!


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